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Welcome to the Leeds CAB website

The Pension rules changed on the 6 April 2015. New flexibilities have now been introduced over the way people take their pensions.

If you are 55 years and over and have a defined contribution pension plan then you now have the freedom to decide how to use the money at retirement. If you are aged 50 or over, you are eligible for a free face-to-face guidance session.

A defined contribution pension is a scheme run by your employer or by a personal pension provider. Your contributions and your employers are invested to make up your pension pot. The pension pot is invested and its value can fall as well as rise and you won’t know until closer your retirement date what the fund is worth and how that will affect your pension.

If you think this might apply to you please phone Pension Wise Leeds direct on
0113 281 6738
for further information or to book a free face to face guidance session.

Alternatively, for more information click here. To register your interest click here.

Email Service

If you would like to use our email service, please complete the contact us form providing as much information as possible and click submit at the bottom to email it to us.

We will use the information provided to send you information that will hopefully help you to resolve your issue. If we feel that you require further help we will contact you to arrange an appointment or send you the contact details of other agencies who would be better suited to help you.

If we are at capacity our phone service may give you a call rather than using email. Please indicate on the form if this is acceptable to you.

You should expect a response within 7 working days. This service is not suitable for emergencies/impending deadlines.

Click here to download and complete the form.

You can still get advice from Leeds CAB Mondays to Fridays, 9am - 5pm through our telephone service or by calling in to our city centre offices:

Telephone 0113 223 4400

City Centre Bureau
Westminster Buildings
31 New York Street
Leeds LS2 7DT

Who are we?

Leeds Citizens Advice Bureau offers free, confidential, impartial and independent advice and information on a wide range of subjects. We have bureaux in Leeds city centre, Crossgates, Pudsey, Morley and Otley, plus a wide range of other locations across the City from where we can offer advice.

How can I get the advice I need?

We provide free, confidential and impartial advice on a range of subjects, plus we have dedicated, employment, debt, and benefits advice workers.

For information on when we are open and where we are based around the city, click here

For information on how we advise you and the type of advice we can offer click here

If you have difficulty speaking or understanding English, please try to bring someone with you who can speak English. If you are unable to do this we will try to provide an interpreter for you. For general information click on the links below.

link to Adviceguide information in Chinese link to Adviceguide information in Czech link to Adviceguide information in Gujarit link to Adviceguide information in Polish link to Adviceguide information in Punjabi link to Adviceguide information in Urdu
to access additional language options click

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Useful Links
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Leeds City Council
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RAD - Legal advice for the deaf community
Entitled To - to access benefits entitlement
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Please note that the above sites ARE NOT checked by Leeds Citizens Advice Bureau. We cannot guarantee their accuracy. To view our full website terms and conditions please click here.


Volunteers for the Leeds Citizens Advice Bureau make up 90% of our staff. We value our volunteers very highly. For more information about becoming a volunteer click here.

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